Mr Majid's tea with Shirin

-A graphic novel

In the summer of 2014 I started to write and develop artwork for what would later become 'Mr Majid's tea with Shirin', a visual novel hand painted in blue Gouache, set in London. In November 2014 it was successfully crowdfunded to 125% and I am currently working on completing the book to send to printers.


The story follows two central characters, the enigmatic Mr.Majid, an older gentleman originally from Tehran, and a young woman named Shirin who works in his local London café. Mr.Majid and his wife have been customers at this café for a long time, but the story starts when he takes his first visit to the café alone after his wife has passed away. Shirin and Mr. Majid find themselves developing an unlikely friendship, where they bond over storytelling, their shared heritage, and tea. Mr Majid grew up in the capital of Iran, but has lived in London for many years, which during their tea breaks, the pair discover is a point of similarity, Shirin's mother is from Tehran too! In the story, Mr.Majid enchants her with stories from his life, and through his tales Shirin learns more about the country of her heritage, the old man, and her own life. There are elements of warm nostalgia in the book where both we and Shirin peer into times and countries very different from our own. Pre-revolutionary Iran, Europe, embarrassing recollections and plenty more feature in the narrative. It is a story about storytelling, loss and love.